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Renuka Fernando

Meet the banker: Renuka Fernando in Sri Lanka

23 February 2015
Upsides talks to bankers from around the world. Why did they start working in the financial sector? What does the financial landscape look like in their country? And how does this landscape influence their actions? read more
Twitter bird

Thought-provoking and inspiring tweets

17 February 2015
UPSIDES RECOMMENDS - Next Billion offers a weekly twitter top ten. It consists of tweets covering everything from the ongoing debate over microcredit to the (hopeful) winding down of an epidemic, along with some promising new initiatives and provocative conversations. read more
Having studied Economics and English, Phalleng is responsible for the commercial side of the company. His mother takes care of production.

Sustainable fashion in Phnom Penh

16 February 2015
Lake Turkana wind power consortium

Power to Kenyan wind turbines

12 February 2015
The Lake Turkana Wind Power consortium is one of a kind. To date, it is the largest wind power project in Africa, and will provide clean power to thousands of Kenyans. At the same time, it will create new opportunities for the local community thanks to major improvements in infrastructure and resources. read more