Travelling through Kenya on the Rift Valley Railways

During his travels in Kenya, Ingmar Timmer complied a unique photo series for He travelled from rural areas to the heart of the Kenyan modern banking world. Equipped with only his IPhone Hipstamatic App, his aim was to create exclusive images for us from within the local community. On his quest to create this shadow photo series he found himself in the workplaces of the Rift Valley Railways.

The Rift Valley Railways provide rail travel within Uganda and Kenya, with the promise to make travel by train affordable, convenient and comfortable. The railway contributes to the economic development in Kenya, in which infrastructure plays an important role. The result of the photographer’s journey is a glimpse into the labour within the workplace and the lives of its employees. It also offers a peek at the other intriguing images he came across on his travels around Kenya.


  1. Bart Kraai

    What a beautiful pictures, Ingmar!! Keep up the good work and feed us with the real
    world!! regards, Bart

  2. Isaac Antwi

    I am happy to sign up to this site. I hope to tap into the rich and diverse resource found here and to contribute my quota as well.

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