Fair food in a nutshell

The Trade & Development Group (TDG) firmly believes that the best way to stimulate sustainable economic development in Africa is by empowering the local community. They strive to do this by establishing partnerships with local entrepreneurs and the build of industrial-level businesses with agro production facilities.

Photography Siebold Freeke

White Bird International (WBI) is the group’s investment partner, and operates as a partner for local entrepreneurs, providing them with support in the form of knowledge, network and financial backing. The trade finance provided by Triodos Sustainable Trade Fund is key to pay local farmers upon delivery of their produce. By setting up an – until recently non-existent – cashew and macadamia nut processing industry in Africa, there is less pressure on the environment and at the same time the local African economy is given a boost. One emample of such partnership is the cashew nut factory in Mozambique, east of Nampula.

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