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Devergy's founders Fabio De Pascale and Gianluca Cescon at work in Tanzania

The art of scaling up with energy consumption

15 June 2015
Tanzania. Despite its high annual growth rate of 6.8 percent and its recent transition to a market economy, access to electricity is scarce and expensive, especially in rural areas. Electricity from renewable sources represent zero percent of total installed capacity. This is where Devergy comes in. The energy services company started its operations in Tanzania in 2012, providing highly efficient, reliable and affordable micro-grids in rural off-grid communities. read more
Luis Guzman (right)

Peru’s number one in cocoa and chocolate

12 June 2015
Machu Picchu Foods is the leader in cocoa and chocolate production in Peru. Luis Guzman talks to Upsides about the organic cocoa and farmer support programmes they have developed. 'We believe working with farmers is the best way to guarantee quality, which is very important to us especially with organic and other certified cocoa.' read more

Building a sustainable future through investing

8 June 2015
UPSIDES RECOMMENDS - What happens when you gather current and future leaders of finance to collaborate on building a more sustainable future through investing? read more
What constitutes a responsible exit

What constitutes a responsible exit

5 June 2015
Steven van Weede is a guest writer for Upsides and is the Managing Director at Enclude. This article is the first in a series of articles featuring the opinions from FMO, Triodos Investment Management, and Enclude about responsible investing. read more