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Photograph Camcatbam

Ghana’s great renewable energy transformation

1 June 2015
At its governing body meetings last month, the Climate Investment Funds (CIF) unanimously endorsed Ghana’s ambitious investment plan to transform and promote its renewable energy sector. This curated article was originally posted by African Development Bank Group on 15 May 2015, kicking off a short series on Upsides about renewable energy projects in Africa. read more
Banana plantation Luc Viatour

Peruvian banana farmers adept at adaptation

27 May 2015
UPSIDES RECOMMENDS - Organic banana farmers in Peru are seeing the effect of climate change and beginning the process of adapting with help from Kaufland, a German chain of supermarkets, and Fairtrade International. read more
Anvar Khalikov

Meet the banker: Anvar Khalikov in Tajikistan

26 May 2015
Upsides talks to bankers from around the world. Why did they start working in the financial sector? What does the financial landscape look like in their country? And how does this landscape influence their actions? read more
sustainable fishing purse seine

Sustainable fishing caught in good intentions

21 May 2015
UPSIDES RECOMMENDS - Projects that stimulate sustainable fishing in developing countries often get no further than good intentions. Thus, some of the imported fish sold in European and North American shops may be less sustainably caught than claims suggest. To prevent the MSC quality label for sustainable fish catches being undermined, the requirements for market access should be made more exacting, argue Simon Bush from Wageningen University and his international colleagues in an article in Science published on 1 May 2015. read more