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Agriculture beyond water - sprouts of kidney beans

Agriculture beyond water

10 July 2015
UPSIDES RECOMMENDS - Drought is becoming more prevalent and causing havoc for food producers around the globe. Many regions have been hit by severe water scarcity over the past few years and this trend seems set to continue. read more
Growing a sense of place and community in Cape Town - photo by Femke Hoekstra

Growing a sense of place and community

30 June 2015
UPSIDES RECOMMENDS - The Harvest of Hope initiative is a vegetable box scheme in Cape Town, South Africa, set up as a social enterprise by a local ‘social profit organisation’. By promoting ecological urban farming, Abalimi Bezekhaya (meaning ‘Farmers of Home’ in Xhosa) improves income and household food security, and empowers disadvantaged households by building their confidence and capacities in farming. Building a sense of place and strengthening community ties, neither so common in South Africa’s urban areas, are keys for success of this approach. read more
'This minerals dealer showed us the difference between tin ore from a rebel-held mine and a government-controlled mine' (Photo: Sasha Leshnev)

Mandatory due diligence on conflict minerals

23 June 2015
With its vote for mandatory supply chain due diligence on conflict minerals for importers, smelters and user companies, the European Parliament overturned the European Commission's proposal last month for a voluntary system of self-certification for European smelters only. read more
Devergy's founders Fabio De Pascale and Gianluca Cescon at work in Tanzania

The art of scaling up with energy consumption

15 June 2015
Tanzania. Despite its high annual growth rate of 6.8 percent and its recent transition to a market economy, access to electricity is scarce and expensive, especially in rural areas. Electricity from renewable sources represent zero percent of total installed capacity. This is where Devergy comes in. The energy services company started its operations in Tanzania in 2012, providing highly efficient, reliable and affordable micro-grids in rural off-grid communities. read more