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Solar entrepreneurs of the Solomon Islands

4 June 2014
UPSIDES RECOMMENDS - In the Solomon Islands the demand for solar power is rapidly increasing, accounting for 50% of energy consumed. A pilot project in the Solomon Islands is training women to become solar technicians and entrepreneurs. read more
The ladies in Union Potrera don’t just make colourful products, their traditional clothes are also extremely cheerful. The colours used and the flowers on the hat say something about the social background and marital status of the wearer.

The 803 sisters of Sumaq Qara

3 June 2014
Dollarisation in Zimbabwe. Photo: Richard Hammond/Panos/Hollandse Hoogte

‘A challenging investment environment’

27 May 2014
Zimbabwe is facing difficult times. With a shrinking economy and an uncertain economic outlook, major banks are loath to lend money for investment. Small local businesses in particular are feeling the credit squeeze. The introduction of private equity could help to bridge the current gap between supply and demand for investment. read more

Turning deadly methane gas into clean energy

23 May 2014
UPSIDES RECOMMENDS - An Asian Development Bank supported project in the People's Republic of China is helping to convert deadly methane gas from coal mines into clean energy for thousands of people and hundreds of businesses. read more