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Beltran Macchi

Visión Banco deploys talent

2 May 2014
A good twenty years after its foundation, microfinance institution Visión Banco has become one of Paraguay’s biggest banks. 'We are essentially connected to society,' says Executive Director Beltrán Macchi. read more
Fishermen in Lamit Bay

Doing away with dynamite and cyanide

30 April 2014
UPSIDES RECOMMENDS - The coral reefs of Lamit Bay in the Philippines have been damaged by commercial overfishing and the use of dynamite and cyanide. With support from the local people, IUCN NL’s partner NSLC has turned parts of the bay into protected areas. The bay’s fish populations are now recovering, as is the income of the fishermen. read more
Dr. Anthony Oboh

‘We’re business partners, not just financiers’

29 April 2014
Private equity is gaining ground in fragile markets around the world. In Sierra Leone and Liberia, for instance, it is helping local entrepreneurs to develop and grow their businesses. At the same time, it is helping to rebuild societies too. read more
Tariro answering queries in eMkambo Call Centre

Mobile sharing of market knowledge

28 April 2014
On a daily basis farmers ask themselves what their products are worth in today’s market. And they want to know where the traders are who want to buy their crops or meat. Now, they can finally receive answers to these questions. read more