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Developing countries will keep on growing faster than the West

Developing countries re-invent industry policy

19 July 2013
The message of the recently published OECD report Perspectives on Global Development 2013 is loud and clear: The strong growth of developing countries is structural, but governments of these countries should not take this growth for granted. read more
Worker at Serendipol

Serendipol’s social enterprise

17 July 2013
Every entrepreneur is interested in making profit. But for Sonali Pandithasekera, partner of Serendipol in Sri Lanka, doing business is also about contributing to the environment and to the development of her community. read more
True Price Platform

True Price platform launched

4 July 2013
True Price is a non-profit organisation that helps front-running companies uncover social and ecological costs. The services that they offer resonate with the broader movement towards a transparent, inclusive and future-proof economy. read more
Auto-rickshaw driver Dattatray Bansode

Mortgage without proof of address

1 July 2013
Micro Housing Finance Corporation in India provides mortgage loans to people with no formal documentation of their earnings, and often no proof of a current residential address. Chairman Madhusudhan Menon: ‘For the affordable housing sector to flourish, players need to evolve with different kinds of models and repayment structures.’ read more