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Rangsutra uses traditional craft skills

Capital is critical for change

4 February 2014
Vineet Rai is the founder and CEO of Aavishkaar Venture Management Service, manager of India's first rural-focused venture capital firm, and a pioneer in impact investing. It provides capital to small to medium size enterprises (SMEs) in industries such as agriculture, health, education, and energy. In this article we learn why Vineet thinks SMEs and their ecosystems are critical for sustainable development. read more
On the outskirts of Mendoza lies the boutique hotel El Aguamiel, Masambiente's first client.

Bathing in former frying oil

28 January 2014
Shoira Sadykova ©M.Wijnbergh

Reality banking

10 January 2014
Formerly on the Silk Route through Central Asia, Tajikistan has a colourful history. Now, microfinance organisation Arvand is helping meet the huge demand for finance, but it also focuses on financial education. In this article Shoira Sadykova, General Director, shares Arvand’s innovative approach and the experiences that will undoubtedly contribute to the country’s newest history pages. read more
Women cleaning solar panels on a rooftop at the Barefoot College. What began as a small experimental project to electrify a community health centre with a mini-plant of 145W, has grown to become the first and only fully solar electrified campus in rural India.

Barefoot’s Solar Engineers

17 December 2013