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Bernice Notenboom

The points of no return

14 May 2013
Our world is potentially heading for irreversible climate change that will have a huge impact on everyday life. Explorer, climate journalist and TV-presenter Bernice Notenboom has witnessed the effects of these changing circumstances. She shares her experiences with audiences all over the world, to create more awareness of the major consequences they promise to have. ‘We need to act fast!’ read more
©Johnny Haglund/Getty

Defending human rights in Peru

6 May 2013
‘Financial regulators in developing countries can help defend human rights’, argues Daniel Schydlowsky, the charismatic head of SBS Peru, the nation’s financial authority. Schydlowsky shows how financial regulators can use their power and tools to address a number of social and environmental issues connected to oil and mining projects in developing countries. read more
The District in Maadi, Cairo

Rebuilding post-revolution Egypt

16 April 2013
As many other post-revolution countries, Egypt is facing challenging times. We chose to see this as an opportunity to work together, to join forces for a better future. That is why we started The District, a hub for entrepreneurs, says social entrepreneur, founder and director Mazen Helmy. read more
mPesa is hugely successful in Kenya

The value propositions of branchless banking

16 April 2013
Branchless banking is not new: at the end of 2012, there were 150 live mobile money services around the world. However, around 90 percent of these have failed to be taken up by the market which they were intended to serve customers may sign up, but then never or rarely use the service. Why has this happened? And indeed, why has it continued to happen? Can this trend be reversed, so that deploying Alternative Delivery Channels for financial services show ongoing returns that exceed the cost of their implementation, and simultaneously offer measurable benefits for the low-income clients who they are intended to serve? read more