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Will the SPI become the de facto measure for social and environmental success? (iStock)

New index measures social progress

23 April 2014
UPSIDES RECOMMENDS - Economic growth does not always result in social progress, according to a major new global index published today by US-based nonprofit the Social Progress Imperative. The Social Progress Index 2014 ranks 132 countries based on their social and environmental performance. Higher GDP per capita does bring benefits, particularly on ‘Basic Human Needs’. But rising incomes do not guarantee improvement on ‘Ecosystem Sustainability’, ‘Health and Wellness’ and ‘Opportunity’. read more
Beyond the Pioneer addresses the challenge of scale

Can social enterprises really solve poverty?

18 April 2014
UPSIDES RECOMMENDS - Half the world lives on less than $2.50 a day. That’s over three billion people. Over a billion have inadequate access to water, and some 2.6 billion lack basic sanitation. Every third child in the developing world does not have adequate shelter. The sheer scale of the problems of global poverty are overwhelming. read more
Nasser Abufarha

Anthropology meets business

14 April 2014
Nasser Abufarha is a successful social impact entrepreneur who has put Palestine on the map as a viable trade partner and producer of premium artisan goods. With an educational background in computer science, cultural anthropology, and international development, his reciprocity approach to business has helped Canaan Fair Trade become a multi-million dollar business. read more
Health@Home in Nepal has a network of 60 nurses

The sound business of Health@Home

11 April 2014
Home care did not exist in Nepal until Bishal Dhakal founded Health@Home in 2009. The 37-year-old doctor is determined to roll out his successful home care service across the entire country and dreams of expanding to other countries in Asia as well as to Africa. read more