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Ara Sargsyan

Meet the banker: Ara Sargsyan in Armenia

22 August 2014
Upsides talks to bankers from around the world. Why did they start working in the financial sector? What does the financial landscape look like in their country? And how does this landscape influence their actions? read more

Experts: Stable governance, trade frameworks needed to tip Asia toward green economy

3 July 2014
UPSIDES RECOMMENDS – JAKARTA, Indonesia — Despite preventive measures, complex laws and policies governing forest resources in Asia are often undermined by corrupt and illegal activities that hinder attempts to develop a “greener” economy in the region, experts said at a recent conference. read more

Serving smallholder farmers: recent developments in digital finance

26 June 2014
UPSIDES RECOMMENDS – A new CGAP Focus Note identifies traditional "pain points" in getting financial services to smallholder households and how digital financial services, or DFS, are helping address these challenges. Through featured case studies, the Focus Note also highlights initial successes and obstacles in the rapidly changing space of expanding smallholder access to finance through DFS. Initial evidence suggests that while DFS offer great promise for improving the lives of smallholders and their families, significant challenges remain. read more
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Social entrepreneurship 101

24 June 2014
Social entrepreneurship takes a special kind of stubbornness and persistence to refuse to accept the mediocre and the way things are, and to actually push for change and addressing the world’s most critical issues. Dr Pamela Hartigan, one of the world’s leading proponents of social entrepreneurship, shares her thoughts and vision about a movement that’s growing exponentially and driving large scale impact. read more
volcano landscape

Peasant to peasant: The social movement form of agroecology

23 June 2014
UPSIDES RECOMMENDS - After the electoral defeat of the Sandinistas in 1990, former land owners returned to Nicaragua from the USA. They began to take back their former estates through legal and less than legal manoeuvering, driving many rural people off the land they had been cultivating. This ‘agrarian counter-reform’ as it became known, left many hundreds of people landless in its wake during the 1990s and early 2000s. Now a national union has adopted agroecology and is leading the way for peasant farmers to collectively work their way out of poverty and towards a more resilient model of agriculture. read more

Dakar Financing Summit for infrastructure recommends that Africa relies on itself

19 June 2014
UPSIDES RECOMMENDS – President Donald Kaberuka of the African Development Bank (AfDB) participated on 15 June 2014 in Dakar, Senegal, in a summit on financing infrastructure in Africa. Entitled 'Unleashing Africa’s infrastructure potential', the Dakar Financing Summit (DFS) aimed to mobilise stakeholders around efforts made by the African Union (AU) and its New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD) programme to accelerate the implementation of priority regional infrastructure projects. read more
Dollarisation in Zimbabwe. Photo: Richard Hammond/Panos/Hollandse Hoogte

‘A challenging investment environment’

27 May 2014
Zimbabwe is facing difficult times. With a shrinking economy and an uncertain economic outlook, major banks are loath to lend money for investment. Small local businesses in particular are feeling the credit squeeze. The introduction of private equity could help to bridge the current gap between supply and demand for investment. read more
The Business Case for True Pricing

Join the consultation: The Business Case for True Pricing

13 May 2014
True Price Foundation has launched The Business Case for True Pricing, a consultation report written together with Deloitte, EY and PwC. You are welcomed to join the online consultation around this trailblazing report and share your vision on the trend of true pricing. read more